【FinTech Taipei 2021 台北金融科技展】活動形式調整聲明


FinTech Taipei 籌備會聲明如下:

  1. 考量疫情風險,FinTech Taipei 2021實體博覽展取消辦理。
  2. 為持續促進金融科技創新交流,今年(2021年)10-11月將以「線上活動」型態進行,包含「FinTech Taipei國際論壇、新創Demo、Online 創新亮點活動」等,活動內容請詳後續網頁公告。
  3. 如有洽詢事宜,請賜電台灣金融研訓院芬恩特創新聚落何小姐(02-2393-2829;fintechtaipei@tabf.org.tw)、FinTech Space賴先生(02-2356-9691;laibook@gmail.com)。

FinTech Taipei 籌備會 敬上

The Committee declares the following:

  1. The offline expo of FinTech Taipei 2021 is canceled this year.
  2. In order to continue promoting fintech exchange, the 2021 event will be held in the form of a FinTech Taipei online forum and demo together with FinTech Taipei Online innovated events from October to November in 2021. Please find out more details via our latest news and information release on Fintech Taipei official website.
  3. For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Ho at the TABF Fin & Tech Village (+886 2-2393-2829;fintechtaipei@tabf.org.tw); FinTech Space Mr. Lai (+886 2-2356-9691;laibook@gmail.com).


FinTech Taipei Preparatory Committee